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July 15, 2013 at 4:34pm

I think that everyone knows the saddest news of this week .. The fact that , the great & promising actor that was Cory Monteith disappeared ..
It was an unexcepted evenement which arrived during saturday night sunday morning

Glee’s Family lose a member very important & we’ll never forget the talent of Cory as Finn .

Even if , I do not watch “Glee” anymore , I always liked actors , especially Cory . I have a lot of difficulties to believe to his death , it’s so strange .. I think that even if you’re not a Gleek , it’s weird to learn this news ! 

I send my thoughts and condolences to Cory‘s loved ones , to Lea Michele at this difficult time.


To Cory Monteith ; the boy with a smile , with an happiness , who knowed some difficult moments but it does not stop … You’re gone too soon ..

                                         (May 11 ,1983 - July 13 , 2013)


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